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A properly implemented information assurance program requires a plethora of security documentation. These range in purpose from general policies, standards, and guidelines to the more specific procedures and design documents. Crafting security documentation that is accurate, succinct, and relevant requires analytical and deductive skills. Less than adequate security documentation is a frequent problem encountered when systems and organizations experience rapid growth. It has been said that no job is done until the paper work is completed. In system and security design, the paper work is supposed to come first. Although this is ideal, it is often not the case. Solid analytical and deductive skills are necessary to identify and correlate organizational, operational, and functional security requirements into a set of cohesive documentation. When completed, the documentation should support the mission through a framework that ensures appropriate security controls and risk factors are incorporated in the organizational systems. We understand the importance of security documentation and have ample experience to help solve your most perplexing issues in this realm.

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