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Below are a number of articles and book chapters by Mr. Price that are either published or accepted for publication.

June 2009, Information Flow and Covert Channels, Information Security Management Handbook, (6th ed., Vol. 3).

June 2009, Security Weaknesses of System and Application Interfaces, Information Security Management Handbook, (6th ed., Vol. 3).

April 2009, Auditing Enterprise Resource Application Systems, ISACA JOnline.

January 2009, Phishing Warfare Against Armed Forces, IAnewsletter.

December 2008, How to Win the Cyber War, ISSA Journal.

November 2008, Host-based Security Challenges and Controls: A Contemporary Survey, Information Security Journal, 17(4).

September 2008, Extending the McCumber Cube to Model Network Defense, ISSA Journal.

August 2008, The Fallacy of the FISMA Critics, InfosecToday.com.

July 2008, Adaptability: The Holy Grail of Information Assurance, ISSA Journal.

July 2008, Evaluating Privacy Controls, ISACA JOnline.

April 2008, Protecting Customer Privacy Information, InfosecToday.com.

March 2008, Neural Networks and Information Assurance, Information Security Management Handbook, (6th ed., Vol. 2).

June 2007, Protecting Privacy Credentials from Phishing and Spyware Attacks, Proceedings of the 8th IEEE Information Assurance Workshop.

June 2007, Supporting Constrained Collaboration, Computer, 40(6).

May 2007, Avoiding Buffer Overflow Attacks , Information Security Management Handbook, 6th ed.

November 2006, Operations Security, Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK.

July 2006, Secure State Processing, Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Information Assurance Workshop.

December 2005, Developing and Conducting a Security Test and Evaluation, Information Security Management Handbook, (5th ed., Vol. 3).

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