Support session locks and disconnects.

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Do your systems electronically display the appropriate classification level?

Do users occasionally become confused about which system they are currently looking at?

Knowing which system is accessed helps assure that sensitive information is not accidentally entered into the wrong system. Electronically labeling the screen can help users recognize the system in use.

  • Unlocked workstations provide an opportunity for unscrupulous insiders to masquerade as other users.

  • Individuals without a need to know might be able to view sensitive information of open sessions when the screen is not locked.

Do users forget to logoff at the end of their day?

  • Systems that are not logged off can cause security and maintenance issues.

  • Sensitive applications and database connections might be vulnerable if connections remain open.

  • System restarts which are necessary for maintenance updates might be delayed if a session remains open.

Gaps in security can expose sensitive information to individuals without a need-to-know. These types of issues can also cause an organization to incur external audit findings when evaluated against standards such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication (NIST SP) 800-53. Automated enforcement of security requirements through technical controls provides the greatest assurance and benefit for sensitive systems.

The Sentinel Consulting Security Banner application can help you meet these needs!

  • Implements a standardized electronic labeling convention for sensitive systems.

  • Locks workstations according to a described policy.

  • Enforces network session termination due to account inactivity.

These capabilities will also help your organization comply with the following technical security controls specified in NIST SP 800-53:

  • Access Control 11 Session Lock for inactivity.

  • Access Control 12 Session Termination for inactivity.

  • Access Control 16 Automated Labeling for information in process.

  • Systems and Communication Protection 10 Network Disconnect for inactivity.

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